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Executive or Professional coaching

What difference would it make to your business if you or your team members had more confidence and greater self-awareness? How would your customers benefit from your team’s improved emotional intelligence? How would greater clarity about your business goals help your company succeed? Is everyone in the business using their time as effectively as possible?

If you have ever wondered about any of these questions you’ll be interested to know that these are the most typical benefits of executive coaching, according to a major survey carried out by the Association for Coaching.

According to Forbes magazine, it’s no longer good enough for business leaders to focus solely on objective analysis and evaluation. It’s equally important to practice your conceptual thinking to see patterns and connections between abstract ideas, to practice generating innovative new ideas and to test out how you can incorporate your intuitive senses or perceptions into your decision making. If you are in a leadership position in any business, then executive or professional coaching will help you to develop your leadership skills and help you to practice new ways of thinking about the business. Coaching also helps you to discover and make the most of your individual management style. Through executive or professional coaching you will gain a valuable independent sounding board for decision making, especially for those decisions that may depend on you being able to think in a variety of new ways.

Business Coaching

New business starts ups need clear and achievable goals to keep on track, no matter how small the business. A business coach will do wonders for your self-confidence and your motivation and the coaching relationship helps to keep you going when it all feels a bit over-whelming. Juggling the new business with the rest of your life is another very common issue that many business clients choose to work on with their coach.

Career Coaching

The Lightwell Practice offers a focussed and results-oriented career coaching package that helps you to gain insight, information and an action plan for achieving your career goals. Your goals might be about choosing what work you want to do, or about how to move up in a profession, a job or an organisation. Career coaching can help you with searching for a new job after redundancy and with your career transition if you are contemplating a move out of a job or a type of work by choice.

Life Coaching

There is any number of reasons why individuals come for life coaching and the most frequent reasons are feeling “stuck in a rut” and having difficulty making a decision about how to move forward with their life. Although life coaching tends to focus on personal decision making about which path to choose in life, the reality is that there is often a big overlap with work, career, business or professional issues. Life coaching at the Lightwell Practice is always tailored to your individual needs, qualities and strengths so you can set the goals that matter most to you and start developing the solutions that will bring the positive changes you most want to make in your life.

Life Coaching
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