Relational Counselling and Coaching in Skipton

The Lightwell Team

Our practitioners at The Lightwell Practice all have one thing in common: we know that people in emotional need don’t respond to techniques: they respond to people

This means two things: we don’t use gimmicky therapies and all of our associates are hand-picked because of their qualities as therapists and their focus on the relational aspect of personal development.

When we are experiencing emotional distress or confusion about who we are and where we are going, it’s natural to want a quick solution. Nobody wants to stay in a difficult, problematic place if there is a quick and easy way out of it. What experienced practitioners know, however, is that the ‘miracle’ cures often just give us a short-lived respite from ourselves. Whilst this might be good to give us a bit of breathing space, for most people the problem will recur once the shine of the miracle cure has faded a little.

What we know at The Lightwell Practice is that there is absolutely no substitute for a good, solid therapeutic encounter with someone who knows what they are talking about, who is willing to take you seriously and whom you trust can help you. All of our practitioners are experts in their field and have been chosen for their personal qualities of warmth, compassion and humour, not just their expertise and experience.

And this is what makes The Lightwell Practice different.

So if you are looking for counselling, psychotherapy or coaching in North Yorkshire contact The Lightwell Practice to take advantage of our free initial assessment to help you find the right practitioner for you.

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