Employee Counselling

Good stress can be a motivator and give us the extra edge we need to tackle that new project. Too much stress, however, can leave us exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking in confidence.

We know that stress can become contagious in an organisation. What can we do to prevent this happening?

Work-related stress is thought to be the single most significant factor in work place absenteeism. Employers have a responsibility under Health and Safety Legislation to prevent undue stress in the work place as well as a financial imperative for keeping their staff at work.

We provide cost-effective, time-limited employee counselling designed to help your staff out of the downward spiral that stress can create. We can help them to build confidence, develop insights into their unique, personal responses to stressful situations and develop a set of strategies for dealing with the inevitable demands of the workplace.


Sliding scale up to £55 for individual therapy and £65 for couples.

  • Some of our therapists offer reduced rates to clients who are on a low income and who want to attend weekly sessions
  • We also offer options of coming fortnightly or less frequently to make the therapies more easily affordable

Our premises has one therapy room which is accessible to wheelchairs, but currently there is stepped access to the toilet facilities.

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