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Talking a problem through with a willing and patient listener can make all the difference when we are feeling overwhelmed by life’s problems. Sometimes, though, we need to talk to someone who isn’t involved and who is trained to help us think through things differently. Someone whose job is to listen to us, take us seriously and help us to find a way through to the other side of the problem.

At The Lightwell Practice we can offer you a range of different kinds of counselling and therapy delivered by a variety of practitioners, to suit both your individual preferences and your financial circumstances. We have highly qualified and experienced practitioners as well as some who are in clinical training and we have counsellors as well as psychotherapists: this allows us to offer a sliding scale of charges and the level of experience and qualification of the practitioner is reflected in the session fees for each therapist. All of our therapists work to the professional standards and ethical guidelines of their governing bodies.

We provide counselling and therapy services to adults, children, young people, couples and families. During our initial conversation we will help you to work out what kind of counselling or therapy you are looking for and which practitioner would best suit your needs.

We are committed to providing a safe and confidential environment which promotes an acceptance and celebration of diversity in all its forms.  


Nestled in the heart of the market town of Skipton, The Lightwell Practice provides professional counselling, psychotherapy and family therapy. Founded in 2011, the practice brings together a collection of like-minded and ethical practitioners providing a good quality service at a range of prices according to experience and qualification.

"I found my therapist both warm and supportive, but most importantly she really helped me to understand how some of my behaviours weren't helping me and how to understand and change them. This therapy was truly life-changing for me and I can't thank her enough." AW, Skipton

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8 High Corn Mill, Chapel Hill, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1NL
Tel: 07708 173666
email: info@lightwellpractice.co.uk